textile foldmatrix

textile foldmatrix This textile matrix uses its folding structure to give the user a haptic orientation in combination w [...]

textile foldmatrix

conductive composite interface

3D dual-printed experimental body interface from both conductive filament and generic PLA [...]

conductive composite interface

make some solar noise

solar energy sonification experiments [...]

  • make some solar noise

    Pixel Feedback Adventures

    See here some first results of shader experiments working with buffers and pixel feedback and some algorithmic magic [...]

    Pixel Feedback Adventures

    pixelmatrix playground

    This prototype series explores different approaches to work with a color pixel matrix as a tool for digital systems. col [...]

  • pixelmatrix playground

    bio material as user interface

    > jede Pflanze ist gleichzeitig ein eigenständiges Lebewesen, aber auch Sensor der Umwelt, und damit Teil des Systems v [...]

  • bio material as user interface

    textile touch matrix

    creating a textile touch matrix from conductive thread and ESP32 Touchpins [...]

  • textile touch matrix

    flexible biomorph touch interface

    Basic and advanced example of interfacing javascript & shaders with ESP32 and BLE. [...]

  • flexible biomorph touch interface

    stretchy conductive fun

    experiments and prototypes around stretchable textiles that output data [...]

  • stretchy conductive fun

    messing with conductive paint 💪

    The dried out paint drops in resistance a lot. The nonfixed paint has the lowest resistance so far – but it smears [...]

  • messing with conductive paint 💪

    lasercut textile conductive composite

    softshell can be cut with laser. in combination with conductive fabric this might be a complex touch interface. [...]

  • lasercut textile conductive composite

    flexible 3D print and conductive textile composite

    Ninjaflex TPU 95A – flexible 3D print in combination with conductive fabric [...]

  • flexible 3D print and conductive textile composite

    wooden workout devices

    creating workout devices out of wood for a digital workout program [...]

  • wooden workout devices

    3D printed mobile bioreactor

    formal study of a wearable bioreactor [...]

    3D printed mobile bioreactor


    self produced, self recorded ep [...]


    digital textile prototyping for hand

    This series show textile prototypes and experiments for hands and fingers. Theses gloves are crucial to host sensors or [...]

  • digital textile prototyping for hand

    SKIN 2.0

    SKIN 2.0
    SKIN II is capable to generate digital outfits in realtime to augment them on the users body. The user can move an observe the digital cloth like in a mirror on the own body. The outfits are created by complex algorithms, that follow design guidelines that we know from fashion collection.

  • SCIN

    SCIN is a mobile application created as reaction to pandemic exhibition closure. This app makes you experience the generative SCIN outfit collection, which is based on complex algorithms that create a new appearance each time it is executed.


    AUTOMATON deals with the textile and pattern archive of the Tannenhauer weaving mill, made from various style fabrics in Biedermeier designs. AUTOMATON is made up of five networked, mobile, minicomputers. Each machine is equipped with a scanning device and is thus able to visually analyze the textil


    SUPER_ID combines face and voice recognition technology in an artistic way. The user creates a unique avatar using biometric data, which is projected onto the face in real-time by face-tracking similar to a mask or tattoo. The encryption of personal data is mixed with a direct visualization through


    The Tapestry series includes three knitted double jacquard wall hangings. Each work is based on an artificial intelligence, which is trained using traditional weaving and knitting patterns and programmed to independently interpret these templates.


    The weaving machine series includes three hand-woven jacquard patterns that materialize the training process of an artificial intelligence together with human input and execution.

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    This digital publication is intended as an inspiration. Source codes or other materials are shared openly whenever possible.

    Tristan Schulze's works are shown in a wide variety of contexts and at international locations in an artistic and creative context.

    Today he works as a lecturer for code and electronics in Leipzig / Halle Germany. His work can be found at ZUKUNFT - Burg Giebichenstein Halle.


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