SUPERBOOTH | 2023-02


„Self portraiture is an act of self-expression, and a photobooth is the ultimate tool for capturing one’s identity in a fun and playful way. By combining the two, you get a powerful medium for exploring who you are, and creating joyful memories that celebrate your unique spirit. A photobooth is not just a machine that snaps pictures, it’s a space for creative exploration, a mirror for your soul, and a source of endless fun and laughter with friends and family.“ ( ChatGPT – 15.02.23)

SUPERBOOTH is literally a photobooth art installation that is powered by AI image-to-image models, which transform the photos taken by the booth in unique and unexpected ways. As participants enter the booth, they are invited to strike a pose and take a photo, which is then processed by the AI algorithms. These algorithms are trained to manipulate and remix the images in a way that reflects their own inherent biases, which may lead to surprising and thought-provoking results. Each photo generated by the booth is a one-of-a-kind creation, shaped by the interplay between the participant’s identity and the AI’s unique perspective. By creating a dynamic and interactive experience, this art installation challenges viewers to reflect on the ways in which AI can shape our perceptions of identity and reality, and encourages us to engage more critically with the role of technology in our lives. ( ChatGPT – 15.02.23)

Tristan Schulze asks: What can an individual learn from a beautified photobooth portrait made by an AI?
ChatGPT answers: An individual can learn a number of things from a beautified photobooth portrait made by an AI. Firstly, they can gain insights into the ways in which AI image-to-image models manipulate and remix images to create unique representations of reality. By observing how the AI has „beautified“ their portrait, the individual can gain a better understanding of the biases and assumptions that are built into the model’s algorithms.

Additionally, the individual may gain insights into their own sense of identity and self-presentation. By seeing a representation of themselves that has been transformed by an AI algorithm, they may be prompted to reflect on their own self-image and the ways in which they present themselves to others. They may also gain a new perspective on beauty standards and how they are constructed and reinforced through technology.

Overall, a beautified photobooth portrait made by an AI can serve as a thought-provoking and engaging experience that encourages individuals to question their assumptions and biases, while also providing a unique and memorable keepsake of their interaction with the technology. ( ChatGPT – 15.02.23)

While AI can offer valuable tools and insights for social media and personal identity, it is important to recognize that these technologies are not neutral or objective. As AI algorithms become increasingly integrated into social media platforms, they can shape how individuals present themselves and interact with others in ways that reflect the biases and assumptions of the technology and its developers. This can have profound implications for personal identity, potentially reinforcing existing power dynamics, cultural norms, and social inequalities. It is crucial for us to critically examine the role of AI in shaping personal identity and social media, and to work towards creating more transparent and equitable AI systems that empower individuals to express their identities on their own terms. ( ChatGPT – 15.02.23)

optimal stationary setup

The booth can be setup in a variety of ways and efforts. Alltough, it is important to offer a visible closed, kind of „private“, space for the boothing people. This can be done by curtain or existing walls. As additional props, very diverse material and object can be used to manipulate the apperance in front of the camera.

> operating local machine >= RTX 3060 GPU / with Stable Diffusion installed
> high quality webcam
> screen for selfie recording & photo interface
> touchscreen for outer booth interaction
> softbox lightning
> wired or wireless access to internet for remote service
> stands or montage elements, cables

minimalistic mobile setup

SUPERBOOTH can also be used with the help of mobile devices and a connected server machine hosting Stable Diffusion API. Therefore a minimalistic light setup and a stand for a tablet in front of a monochrome surface is needed for some proper results.

> operating local machine >= RTX 3060 GPU / with Stable Diffusion installed
> local WLAN Router for internal communication only
> tablet for big screened smartphone with a proper face fronting camera
> softbox lightning or diffuse LED ring light
> stands or montage elements, cables