BOY NUNO – The return from neon sky 👁 256 | | 2024-05

BOY NUNO is a cross media project that uses formemost generative media pipelines and tools to create the surface of a musician / music act.

EP album release – The Return from Neon Sky

BOY NUNO – short biography

BOY NUNO is a standout singer with an incredibly emotional voice, blending soulful R&B vibes with a unique mix of English and German lyrics. Born in the 90s in a small town just north of Erfurt, Germany, he channels the highs and lows of his non-metropolitan upbringing into his music, giving it a raw and authentic edge.

His debut EP album, „The Return from Neon Sky,“ is the start of a journey through his world—a blend of gritty reality and dream-like escapism. Growing up away from the big city lights, BOY NUNO’s songs reflect the struggles and dreams of small-town life, creating a sound that’s both relatable and fantastical. Influenced by the greats of R&B, his music hits hard with emotion and originality, making him a fresh voice on the scene that’s impossible to ignore.

BOY NUNO dedicates „The Return from Neon Sky“ to one of his major influences, NUNO-A-GOGO, who unfortunately passed away too soon. This tribute adds a layer of heartfelt emotion to the album, honoring the legacy of an artist who left a significant mark on BOY NUNO’s musical journey.

Photoshooting for The Return from Neon Sky

BOY NUNO – artist cover photoshooting