the body as growth surface

This sketch uses the human head as a possible seed surface for a growth simulation. The focused ligh source is used like a growth acceleator like we can observe in plant behaviour. Where ever there is light, there is life.

This „older“ video shows some visual studies on growth systems mapped on the body surface – over here the hand only. Perlin Noise based systems, DLA growth systems and L-Systems conquer the surface in a very different manner. Can we grow a digital skin based on those mimikry principles? What does that tell us about us, our nature and where we should go?

spacial reproduction growth system

Spacial reprodution is a crutial evolutionary system we can observe in nature – expecially in the world of plants. As we start to map this system to the surface of the human body, we can observe a environment sensitive second skin, that reacts to both nature and body.

noise based growth systems

Using generative three dimensional noisemaps opens up a very simple way to simulate a smooth „flowish“ behaviour of a collection of items. Although there seems to be a mathmatical dependency between each item, there is no deeper whatsoever dependency between in these systems.

simple growth systems

Simple random based offer the simplest way to simulate a dynamic/generative behaviour the seems growthlike.