Merchandise & Shop

The artist is proud to present a selection of some nice merch products from his recent work. The products will be available in selected shops around Europe. A reliable list will be published soon over here.


Postkarten & Kühlschrankmagnete & Poster & Shirts

The Ghost series is based on a selection of sentences, so called truisms, generated by the artificial neural network {Ghost} during its performance at the Kunsthaus Graz.



4 piece postcard series


6 piece magnet series


limited crew screenprint edition

The Theory of Everything

Postkarten & Poster

The ToE series is spinning around small pieces of algorithms that produce appealing visual outputs. While the backside of each postcard shows the referential code, the front shows a unique manifestation of it. So every postcard is very unique in its parametric range. All cards are based on black/white digital laser prints on 300g paper, handcoated with a screenprint.


each cardfront is a unique manifestation of one algorithm – there is no card twice!


the backside shows the complete & commented code that is used to generate the front of the card