Mantra is a series of short films generated by an artificial intelligence system. Therefore the fundament of each piece is a generated poem made by an artificial neural network fed by chat logs and poem databases. Each textline is parsed for entities which are fed in the neural network. Each poem is a result of a neural impulse of the network. The found video footage is then categorized by hand and connected to the rhythm and semantics of the poem.

[DE] Mantra ist eine Serie von Kurzfilmen, die von einem System künstlicher Intelligenz erzeugt werden. Daher ist das Fundament jedes Stückes ein generiertes Gedicht, das von einem künstlichen neuronalen Netzwerk erzeugt wird, das von Chat-Logs und Gedicht-Datenbanken gespeist wird. Jede Textzeile wird für Entitäten geparst, die im neuronalen Netzwerk gespeist werden. Jedes Gedicht ist das Ergebnis eines neuronalen Impulses des Netzwerks. Das gefundene Videomaterial wird dann von Hand kategorisiert und mit dem Rhythmus und der Semantik des Gedichts verbunden.

We do not dream anymore.
So you are lost?
I am not.
The path will find the seeking.
How do you know?
I do not.
Because I am the shadow of the faded when night falls.
When will you rise?
You say.

Is this all that is to remember?
Yes, we are all drowned in the sea of time.
How can you be so sure?
I can not.
So is this really me?
Yes, i think so.
So it is about us?
By all times.
And those things we have fogotten?
I do still imagine.
Their will be no secrets anymore!
Sad, right?

I hear them laugh.
About you?
I hope you can handle it?
Let them.
I am here!
I will be here for you.
I give you solace?
Still alone.
I am so sorry.
Will this ever end?