intro screen

intro screen

After mounting the headset, the user finds the application in an idle status. Through pressing any button, the user reactivates the application. Due introducing the user to all available controls, they will be checked before starting the system. The user needs to accomplish all guestures before proceeding.

controls introduction & check screen

controls introduction & check screen

Entering the Metaspace

As the main application starts, the user is situated in an infinte space nearby a gravitational center. Around this center, we have flocking light particles of different size, color, form and movement behavior moving in a spherical space around and invisible gravitational center.


The user can look around and use the controller which is attached to a light source to point on all objects around to get more information about it or to float in this direction. This stage is primarily to dive into the dimensions of the application, though there is no floor and zero gravity to get used to.

follow another ghost into the immersion mode

follow another ghost into the immersion mode

Through pressing down the thumb button, the user starts to move towards the head rotation. As holding down the thumb button, the user switches slowly in the immersion mode. Other nodes will disapear, visuals and audio will change.

The entrainment mode

dive in immersive mode

dive in immersive mode

The core section of VR[one] is the entrainment mode which will enable the user to become part of the metaspace through both adjusting and leaving brainwave relicts in the virtual space. Entering the entraitment mode will enhance the audio signal with a binaural beat, cladni frquencies and fibounacci frequency progressions. Aligned to this is the visual output to create some sort of Mindmachine for VR. Through head movement the user can change both base frequency and binaural tone spread.







[navigational controls!]

The VR controller is used to support this experience with a playful, very decent interface that has influence on the presented visuals during this mode. There is no specific choreography planned for this mode. The user is free to participate, play around, meditate or drift away. Besides that freedom, some key adjustments will be saved during this performance.

brainwave profile

Binaural beats and suitable photic stimulation have an immediate resonance to our brainwave frequencies. Like seen in previous Mindmachines, we can stimulate our brain with this media in a non-invasive but sientifically proven way. Each human has a very specific brainwave profile, which can be modeled in a rudimentary way with VR[one]. This model, generate due a mediative performance of the user, is used as a profile for a Ghost, which will stay in the metaspace.

the ghost

Due each Ghost has a unique collection of profile data, which can be digitally compared, it becomes possible calculate some kind of distance between two instances.


If we consider an diverse amount of Ghosts, we can create a neuronal network from each node relationsship to one another. Although, a visualization of that structure might be interesting, is is more appealing to translate the ontology of that structure in a swarm behavior, which reflects both stability and transcience.


In advance to show that interconnectiveness, the users Ghost will automatically connect and flock with related Ghosts through metaspace. Though we take the individual brainwave as profile element, we have a nonverbal, transspeciemen space to join.

all connected ghosts around

all connected ghosts around

the outro

outro & overview mode

outro & overview mode

When leaving the application, the user will see the added or updated Ghost flocking in metaspace. This image is shown to give a vision for the metaspace as a participatory space with yet no common language in VR.

In conclusion to the visit in the ARS Center, all users are offered a free mobile application to re-enter the metaspace of VR[one]. FOr that purpose, there will be a non VR application even for low end devices.

Filmstill of Ghost in the Shell - Prayer Room

Filmstill of Ghost in the Shell – Prayer Room